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6 Reviews of the Focal Dimension Soundbar System


The Focal Dimension is a High Fidelity 5.1 soundbar that stands above the competition and which has garnered several awards including the Eisa Award for Best Product, a recommendation from AVForums and an award from What HiFi?. Focal has put together a detailed web page about all the specifics of this top of the class soundbar. We invite you to visit the page for more info on the specs and strengths in addition to viewing the official Dimension video and an introduction video of the soundbar from early 2014. http://www.focal.com/evt/dimension-en/#homepage

Additionally, we've curated quotes and comments from 6 Review sites to help you develop an informed opinion if in the market for a quality HiFi soundbar.


Jumping straight in at the deep end with a premium soundbar is a bold move, but Focal's Dimension delivers the goods in spectacular style.

Reviews of the Focal Dimension Soundbar


Focal Dimension review | What Hi-Fi?

Focal Dimension review from the experts at What Hi-Fi? - compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see Dimension specs and features.


Focal Has a New Angle On the Soundbar | Sound & Vision

French speaker company Focal made its entry into the burgeoning soundbar market at 2014 CES with the clever two-piece Dimension system, comprising a parallelogram-shaped soundbar and optional matching subwoofer. The slender soundbar, which is only 3 inches deep and made of aluminum, can be used alone and mounted to the wall (bracket included) or mated with the 4.5-inch-deep “vibration-free” subwoofer to form a TV platform.


Focal Dimension/Sub - Soundbars

  • "In a nutshell, it has great power and its six channels have finely honed levels of clarity with a performance that's more polished than the contents of Niki Lauda's trophy cabinet."


Focal Dimension Review | Trusted Reviews

Focal’s high-end soundbar packs a real punch without a subwoofer, but we’d have liked more HDMI inputs and Bluetooth at this price.

"The Dimension's performance is extraordinary. Its enormous sound floods the room and immerses you in the movie.

Key to this room-filling sound is the soundbar's impressive bass output, which is so deep and weighty we found it hard to believe that there was no subwoofer involved – in fact, only hardcore bass addicts will feel the need to add one."


The Focal Dimension Sound Bar/Subwoofer System Reviewed

Focal takes the high road in the sound bar product space - Find out if there Dimension Sound Bar/Subwoofer system lives up to the challenge.

"The system is powerful for most sized rooms, and the sound is clean. Although not a complete substitute for a multi-speaker surround sound system (you get some front to side surround sound, but nothing from your listening position to the far sides or rear), as a sound bar/under-TV audio system option) it delivers the satisfying result without a lot of clutter.​"

Learn More via Videos the Focal Soundar

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