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Marantz Receivers: Highlights, Reviews, Specs

Marantz Receivers: Highlights, Reviews, Specs

Fairview HiFi is pleased to announce the return to our store of the world’s best sounding surround sound receivers from Marantz. Marantz prides itself on helping you “experience music just as the artist intended, even in the cinema.” I want to encourage you to learn more about the brand by viewing the video and checking out the reviews and spec sheet on the SR7009 Receiver.


“We know that true HiFi is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance.” Marantz

Highlights of the Marantz Brand:

  • They “create components with the ability to communicate the scale, timbre, pitch and dynamics in fact, the very essence of a recording.”
  • “Every component [produced] is technically and cosmetically designed to complement the lifestyle of the listener.

Reviews and Info on the Marantz SR7009 Receiver

Marantz SR7009 Receiver Product from Brand Website



Marantz SR7009 AV Receiver Review | AVForums

 image-marantz-sr7009-av-forums-review“The Marantz SR7009 combines an attractive design with a decent level of build quality. It also includes a host of features but Marantz have sensibly tried to simply the connection and setup process as much as possible; making the receiver less daunting to newcomers. There's also built-in WiFi and Bluetooth which, unlike some other receivers, is equally as easy to setup and use. The audio performance was excellent with a wonderfully immersive surround experience, regardless of which audio format you were using. Whilst the Marantz also had a refined and classy quality when dealing with music and as such it's a great all-round performer.”


SourceURL: https://www.avforums.com/review/marantz-sr7009-av-dolby-atmos-receiver-review.10854


Marantz Unleashes the SR6009 and SR7009

Both of these receivers have advanced networking and audio decoding capability, but the SR7009 also support Dolby’s new Atmos audio format.

SourceURL: http://avproductreviews.com/marantz-sr6009-sr7009-preview


DOWNLOAD the Spec Sheet






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