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  1. Always begin listening at a modest volume. Loud noises cause the timpanic membrane (eardrum) to tighten and your ears will lose sensitivity for the rest of the listening session. Do not do a dynamic range test until you are ready to vet the speaker you want to buy. You want to have the sound loud enough that you can distinguish the different sounds you are listening to, but not so loud that your hearing sensitivity suffers.
  2. It should go without saying that the appearance of a speaker is fairly unimportant to how it sounds. That being said, you want to be able to live with it. How much weight you place on appearances is up to you, but ideally it is zero.
  3. With bookshelf speakers, the best quality sound is had by using speaker stands. This allows the speaker cabinet to resonate properly and deliver the sound as envisioned by the design engineers.
  4. If the home theatre system will be used to play music regularly, special emphasis should be placed on the musicality of the speaker. Consider bringing in audio recordings and following the test procedure on the speaker page for hi-fi audio.

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