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With companies outsourcing more and more production to countries like China, quality and performance are suffering as shipping weight and size take precedence over material and build quality. We believe that furniture should be well built and environmentally conscious and have found several companies that share this view.



01-Salamander-av furniture burlington ontario

Combining a modern aesthetic with premium material and construction, Salamander furniture of Connecticut offers custom solutions that fit you. Where other companies manufacture large quantities of identical units, Salamander encourages their customers to tinker with the product and make changes to finish, and even design. Most of their product is built right in the USA.




02-Palliser av furniture burlington ontario

Started by a Russian immigrant to Canada during the second world war, Palliser has never strayed from the vision of quality espoused by its founder. With all their manufacturing taking place in North America, Palliser is committed to environmental stewardship by reducing the carbon footprint of each of their products. With a variety of designs ranging from contemporary to traditional, Palliser can fit your style.




03-BDI av furniture burlington ontario

BDI furniture has 30 years of experience manufacturing home theatre furniture. Many of their designs are modular to fit your space. Constantly revising their packaging and manufacturing to minimize environmental impact; BDI is also manufactured in the USA to minimize shipping. Choose BDI for seamless integration of your theatre into your life.




04-HRS audio stabilizing furntirure burlington ontario

Harmonic Resolution Systems is comprised of a team of skilled engineers, dedicated craftsmen, and product support staff with many decades of experience in design, development, and production of isolation systems, materials, and precision components. These skills are utilized with passion at HRS to create products with exceptional performance and quality.




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  • DEMO Sale

    DEMO Sale

    We're looking to move some floor models to make room for more some great new models.

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