With all the devices that come with a home theatre setup come a bevy of remotes leaving the new user confused and even the experienced user exasperated with having to use multiple remotes. Additionally, some find the look of all that equipment detracts from the pleasant atmosphere of the room and want to hide it out of sight. Enter the universal remote and remote repeaters. With a universal remote, you can control all your devices from one remote and program pre-recorded series of commands to turn on/off all your devices and switching to the desired source by pressing only one button. Remote repeaters offer a low cost way to place all your devices out of sight and operate them using the original remotes. Universal remotes make operating your equipment a lot simpler, and can make the TV watching experience the relaxing experience it was meant to be.



Setting Up Your URC

Setting up a universal remote can be taxing and making operation painless can take hours. Let our team of trained installers make the process simple. Our universal remote packages come with everything you need to ditch the remote clutter and start at $650, programmed.

We have several brands of universal remote to suit a variety of needs and budgets.


universal remote control

URC knows a lot about controlling home theaters. They pioneered the category and we virtually invented the Universal Remote Control. Over the past ten years alone, URC's sold more than 100 million remotes into the home theater, consumer, cable TV and special markets. We've worked hard to earn a place in your family room and you can count on us to take control of all your components from our remotes, keypads, touchscreens, smart phones and tablets. 

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