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My First Spin: Turntable, Headphones, Amplifier

My First Spin: Turntable, Headphones, Amplifier

My First Spin is a great turntable package for music lovers who want to listen with headphones or transfer their vinyl records to digital. The full package values at $999 but is available at a $300 savings for $699.


My First Spin includes:

Music Hall USB-1 turntable 

image-music-hall-usb-1-turntable“Whether you’re looking to digitize and download your record collection, release your inner DJ, or simply discover the joy of spinning vinyl, the usb-1 is your answer. It has a built-in phono preamp, cartridge, dust cover, and includes all necessary cables and software required for simple plug and play operation.”

Source: http://musichallaudio.com/usb-1-turntable/


Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier

image-micromega-myzic-headpone-amplifier“MyZic is the perfect link between your HiFi System and your headphones.”

Source: http://www.micromega-hifi.com/en/products/my-range/myzic


Focal Spirit One S headphones

image-focal-spirit-one-s-headphonesThe “Spirit One S is the fourth pair of headphones developed by Focal’s R&D team in France, and it takes full advantage of our latest advances and the expertise we have acquired about headphones. It is destined for all those who are searching for more than just a stylish product, but also for real acoustic equipment.”

Source: http://www.focal.com/en/mobile-headphones/510-spirit-one-s-3544053725017.html


Music Hall Hunt Record Brush

image-music-hall-hunt-brush“The Hunt Eda record cleaning brush contains over 1,000,000 anti-static carbon fibers. The fibers are in two rows with a static grounding pad centered between … It’s super easy to use.”



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