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Why you should pay us to balance and meter your audio

Why you should pay us to balance and meter your audio

I know I know there’s a conflict of interest in us recommending to you to have us balance and install your audio. We’re going to charge you for it so why wouldn’t we recommend it. That’s why the title of this post is what it is. Now that we’ve got the obvious conflict of interest out of the way let’s talk about why balancing audio and speaker placement is important and dispel some preconceived notions you might have.

Thought #1: My receiver comes with a set-up mic; I’m paying the manufacturer for set up.

Our reply: Yep there’s a set up mic, and the instant that one of our staff gets some new gear home that set up mic goes in the trash along with all those annoying plastic bags. The set-up mic has one job, to balance the sound to one listening position.  Unless you live alone and sit in one chair all the time  this seems impractical since the best sound in one location could be very poor in another location, and a compromise may be better for both. The next comment about set up mics is that they are designed to optimize given your current speaker placement. It could turn out to be that the best sound is achieved not by adjusting the levels on the receiver but by physically moving the speaker (sometimes not even very much). Your set up mic won’t be able to tell you this.

Thought #2: I have enough time to play around with the settings and get the right balance myself, if it’s good to my ear it’s good enough.

Our reply: Do you wear glasses? Do you remember when you were told you needed glasses and you put them on for the first time? Suddenly your old vision seemed very poor in comparison, while you’d thought it was just fine. The same is true of audio - when your system is properly balanced it just “feels” right. With trial and experimentation you can get something that feels good to you, but it’s just like your pre-glasses vision. You’ll be amazed at the difference. Another thought is that we don’t use our ears to balance, we have specialized computer programs and training that let us first pick the acoustically optimal location of the speaker then tweak the levels on the receiver.

Final thoughts: Chances are you spent a fair bit of money buying and installing your system. Spend the little bit extra to make sure that you get the quality you paid for; we’re sure you’ll agree it’s worth it.

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