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4 Steps to Choosing a HiFi Receiver

  1. Write down a list of all the types of music sources you want to listen to. CDs, Records, and radio are all very popular. You may be interested in digital sources such as internet radio or iPod connectivity.
  2. Decide whether you want to do an integrated amp/receiver or a component amp receiver combination. As with home theatre, component systems are both nicer and more costly.
  3. If you play records, and your record player needs a pre-amp, consider a model with a built in phono-amp. Note that this is not a make-or-break as phono pre-amp separates are usually compact and affordable.
  4. Receiver quality varies widely in signal to noise ratio and distortion specifications. Talk to us about your listening habits and other equipment to help us find the right fit for you.


With all systems you need to make sure you have considered your space constraints. You may wish to go with a component system, but these are usually rack mounted and quite bulky. Stacking components without providing for proper ventilation is a bad idea.

Ask your salesperson about how your system will fit into your home and how many rooms you want to have music in. It can be less costly overall to think about putting sound into your whole home instead of looking at individual rooms. Even a receiver with two speaker outputs can serve to provide music to your kitchen and patio, saving you money and space versus separate systems. You may also consider a more expensive home theatre receiver that is “zone-2 capable” to provide music to another area in your home.

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