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9 Reviews of Sonos Wireless Systems


Fairview HiFi is a Sonos Dealer. If I were to ask you the name of the first company that comes to mind when it comes to Wireless HiFi, I would guess Sonos would be near the top of the list. Since 2002, Sonos has had one goal in mind, "to reinvent home audio for the digital age."

"Our vision was simple - fill every home with music and make listening a valued experience again. We're making it easy for everybody to listen to the music they love in every room of their home. To hear the songs they love, to discover new music they never knew existed, and to appreciate it all with the highest sound quality. "

Sonos: everything you need to know | What Hi-Fi?

Want a multi-room music system? Sonos may be the answer. But which Sonos wireless speaker should you buy? And what are the Sonos alternatives? We explain.

Last year, SONOS conducted an experiment to see if listening to music out loud at home could affect relationships. They showed that homes filled with music were happier, closer, more loving.

Reviews of Sonos Wireless Systems

Sonos multi-room system review | What Hi-Fi?

For years, Sonos has been synonymous with the concept of multi-room audio, so it's hard to know which came first. At the very least, Sonos spotted a trend long before its competitors – at most, it's responsible for making the market what it is today.

Sonos as a system has two big advantages – breadth of choice and simplicity of use. In the time its rivals have been playing catch-up, Sonos has launched a whole family of products and got onside with a long list of streaming services, not to mention nailing the usability aspect of multi-room.

The Best Multiroom Wireless Speaker System: Wirecutter Reviews | A New York Times Company

The Sonos system is the best multiroom wireless speaker system because it supports the most services, and has a wide selection of great-sounding speakers, great search features, and a well-organized app that runs on almost all major platforms. Sonos keeps its platform up to date by adding more services all the time, introducing new features like Trueplay room-correction technology, and updating its models. The Sonos user experience is the best of any of the multiroom wireless speaker systems currently available.

Sonos dominates competition with Play:5 | Video review | Digital Trends

The Play:5 isn't just Sonos' best speaker yet, it is also another reminder of why Sonos absolutely rules the wireless multi-room speaker market.

Sonos: everything you need to know | What Hi-Fi?

Want a multi-room music system? Sonos may be the answer. But which Sonos wireless speaker should you buy? And what are the Sonos alternatives? We explain.

Sonos System Review: Playbar, Play:3 And Play:5 Speakers Tried And Tested (And Adored) | The Huffington Post

But the reality is this: once there's a Sonos safely under your TV, in your bookcase, on your bedside table -- once you've made your peace with joining the collective - you'll never want to let it go.

Can Sonos Become Google for the Music You Love?

Sonos advantage that I find most useful: It's connect to my home stereo system. So, playback fidelity is limited only to the quality of the digital material ( and of course my home system.) Anything I've ripped is readily available. The sound fidelity is much better than any of the Sonos stand alone speakers. I can control it all from my iPod or Android phone. Biggest weakness is that some streams are clearly lacking in fidelity. But, it is very easy to use and I love the simplicity of streaming distant FM stations directly to my living room. 

Sonos Speakers Review 2020 | Reviews by Wirecutter

We've spent hundreds of hours over several years testing multiroom wireless speaker systems in every possible room—even outside—and Sonos remains the best option for most homes. It supports the widest variety of streaming services, offers excellent sound quality across its lineup at varying prices, and its apps offer unparalleled ease of use. The competition is catching up, but Sonos still offers the most complete and reliable package overall.

Sonos Playbar review: The streaming soundbar remains one of the greats

The Sonos Playbar is a lounge-unifying device that will let you dump your remote controls and your old hi-fi in the bin. For everything but the most crashing of movie soundtracks the Sonos Playbar sounds great too, with excellent clarity and an expansive soundstage. If you want to get Atmos into your Sonos system, the Arc is better suited.

Help in Selecting the Right Sonos for You

Which Sonos speaker is best for you? One, Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, PlayBar or PlayBase - Pocket-lint

Multi-room speaker options are plentiful to say the least, with Denon, Samsung, LG and Bluesound all offering their own take.Unlike some of the newer additions

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