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HRS Isolation Bases & Stands


Fairview HiFi now carries HRS (Harmonic Resolution System) Stands.  As of this writing, we have the SXR currently on display (see Brochure) in our High-End Room.  We encourage you to pay us a visit to learn more about these high end audio stands that will help enhance the listening experience of audiophiles.


The Company: HRS or Harmonic Resolution Systems

When compiling information about products that we sell at Fairview HiFi I often extract some key points from the about us page.  This time though, I feel that there is so much that is communicated through their well written page that is important to leave it just as is.

  • “The Chief Engineer, Mr. Michael Latvis, has more than twenty years of engineering and product development experience with isolation systems for major aerospace and defense customers. He has worked for a number of leading companies on the development of isolation products for audio systems, commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and missile defense systems.”  Make sure you read the interview with Latvis (PDF)
  • Our custom materials are developed by skilled chemists who have decades of experience in developing custom elastomer compounds and structural materials with unique properties. These materials are developed based on years of engineering experience, product testing, and audio system listening tests.
  • Skilled craftsmen using proprietary techniques and precision machinery produce our products. These craftsmen have a detailed understanding of manufacturing precision components and the quality systems required for producing consistent results. They also hand finish and personally inspect every component. The combination of modern technology with old world craftsmanship and values goes into every HRS product.
  • All Harmonic Resolution Systems products are manufactured in the USA by this team of skilled people who take great pride in their work. We are confident you will enjoy the results of this dedication to performance and quality.
Source: http://www.avisolation.com/about.html


Reviews: Harmonic Resolution Systems

Harmonic Resolution Systems

The HRS M3X Isolation Board is easy to use, beautifully made, and brings to the sound calm and breath resulting from a better definition, higher resolution, and better grasp of what is in the recording. Without haste and with full self-awareness.

Source: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue68/hrs.htm



Adding the HRS SXR improved my system’s focus and low level resolution, and lowered its level of background noise. Consumers, and manufacturers who, despite the trouble and expense, schlep the heavy MXR racks to HiFi shows, had told me to expect a greater sense of overall system coherence and solidity. Even so, what I heard from the SXR stand was far more profound than anything I’d anticipated. I am buying a Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR stand rack. Michael Fremer – Stereophile

Source: http://analogaudio.mn/products/hrs-sxr-rack/ (LINK No Longer Available)


World Premiere! Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR Equipment Rack With M3 Isolation Bases Applying extraordinary engineering and design to equipment racks.

Every other rack I have had in my system is tonally deficient by comparison. The best of these have tightened and deepened the bass response, yet tend to shifting tonal balance to a brighter and artificially energetic top end. The worst have just slowed everything down: taken the life out of the music, added pounds around its midsection and loosened the music’s grip on me.

What I can say is that the SXR equipment rack is essential to bringing out the best in my system. It eliminates smearing. I hear the finest details and nuances. The bass is taut and immediate.

Source: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/1208/harmonic_srx.htm


UltraAudio.com Equipment Review - Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR Audio Stand, S1 Isolation Base, Damping Plate, Nimbus System (10/2009)

Once all of the HRS SXR system was in place, I began to enjoy a clarity, depth, nuance, and grandeur of sound. It was as though a painting by a Dutch master -- Van Eyck, say -- had been taken down from its museum wall and carefully cleaned by an academy-trained conservator, its layers of ague-colored varnish removed so that its natural pigments, still inherently vibrant across the centuries, could shine anew. I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard, be it analog or digital, and found that the SXR rack system elicited from my system a far higher level of resolution and musical drama.

Source: http://www.ultraaudio.com/equipment/hrs_sxr_s1_dampingplate_nimbus.htm

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