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If yours is like a lot of families, they are enjoying the wide variety of content now available. Whether it be blu-ray discs that rival the sound and picture of the Cineplex or the seemingly endless content library available through Netflix and Cinemanow, there’s been no better time than now to enjoy media at home. To get the most out of your system, though, requires an ever expanding knowledge of the changes to home theatre technology. We keep up with the latest in home theatre so that you don’t have to. From televisions and projectors to THX-certified 7.2 channel audio systems, Fairview Hi-Fi is the one stop shop to bring the big screen experience to your living room.




  • The display is the center of attention in any home theatre and with television providers increasing the capabilities of their services there has never been a better or easier ...

  • Choosing the right screen is just as important as choosing your projector. There are different options depending on your application. For example, there are different screens ...

  • Projectors are fairly new to home systems (well except for the home models of the 1920s). The latest high end projectors are 3-D ready and boast screen capabilities up to ...

  • Today’s televisions are betting thinner and thinner with each passing year. This is good news for all aspects of the television experience accept for the sound. As ...

  • Nothing is worse than spending a lot of money on a component only to have it become obsolete a short while later. Read more to learn about the latest things going on with ...


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