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Like speakers, headphones vary widely in quality and price. True connoisseurs know that making a headphone system sound good requires the same quality equipment that makes a regular set of speakers sound good. The first step is not to trust that your stereo amplifier will put out a clean sound through its headphone jack. Headphone companies make small amplifiers designed to run headphones that do an appreciably better job of driving headphones. If you are serious about a high quality pair of headphones, make the investment in a headphone amplifier.



grado headphones

Since 1953 Brooklyn based and family run Grado Labs has been making headphones and cartridges. Deep bases and rich high notes await you between a pair of Grado headphones.




hifiman headphones

HIFIMAN is widely regarded globally as one of the leading designers and manufactuers of high performance headphones including the critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphone.




sennheiser headphones

Founded in 1945, Sennheiser has designed and manufactured a wide range of choices in headphones that boast a level of design engineering and sound that you would expect from the German based company.

Website: /


Headphone Amps


grado headphone amps

The company that brings you our favourite RS-1 headphone and a truly remarkable collection of turntable cartridges can also help you get the best sound from your headphones.



project headphone amps

World renowned for excellence in turntables, their headphone amps pack a punch.




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  • Get TIDAL Hi-Fi

    Get TIDAL Hi-Fi

    Enjoy unlimited music in lossless quality on Tidal HiFi for $0 for 3 months with Bluesound. Drop by to learn more.

  • DEMO Sale

    DEMO Sale

    We're looking to move some floor models to make room for more some great new models.

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