Choosing the right screen is just as important as choosing your projector. There are different options depending on your application. For example, there are different screens available for dark room applications, bright room applications and outdoor applications. Let the team at Fairview Hi Fi help you select the best screen.





grandview-screen-innovations-home-theatre-burlington-ontario"Grandview specializes in designing and manufacturing projection screens of all sizes for any function."  Their product range includes projection screens for your personalized home theatre.


Website: Grandview Video Screens




Screen Innovations:


screen-innovations-home-theatre-burlington-ontario"Best known for the world’s first and only multi-directional ambient light rejection projection screen technology, Screen Innovations has effectively revolutionized the two-piece projection category by producing screens that deliver unparalleled images in light or dark environments."


Website: Screen Innovations Home Theatre Screens 






da-lite-home-theatre-screens-burlington-ontario"Da-Lite offers a wide array of screens, each with a choice of projection surfaces. Selecting the right combination to meet your needs is important for optimum results."


Website: Da-Lite Projection Screens



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