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Nothing is worse than spending a lot of money on a component only to have it become obsolete a short while later. Read more to learn about the latest things going on with blu-ray players to make sure that your purchase will continue to serve you for years to come.

Most blu-ray players we sell are on the cutting edge of technology. If you are looking for a blu ray player, make sure it has the following features to keep you satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

Network capability – Make sure that the player you buy is able to connect to your home network. If the system is in a location where you cannot run a wired internet connection, ensure that it is able to use wi-fi. This will allow you to access the online features of your blu-ray discs, important firmware updates, and the internet applications that are becoming standard fare in new players.

Netflix & Cinemanow capability – One of the best parts of the digital age is that everything can be accessed without physical media in your home. Netflix and Cinemanow are streaming services that use your internet connection to stream movies (or in the case of Netflix, TV shows as well). As these services begin to license and provide more and more content you may find yourself tempted to subscribe if you don’t already. Having a blu-ray player that is capable of supporting these services will save you money down the road.

3-D capable – Even if you don’t like 3-D video others in your family (especially young children) might. Having a 3-D capable player will ensure that as you upgrade other components of your system, your newer equipment doesn’t leave the blu-ray player you bought in the dust.


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